Wizrom develops a new business line

The development pace of Romanian companies is one of the most rapid in south-eastern Europe, the trend being mostly visible in the small and medium businesses sector. The market grow-up trend reflects in an ascending competition between software solutions suppliers. If until now, ERP solutions have already proven to be vital tools in cost reduction and optimization of business processes, a significant growth will be felt in the consultancy services segment.
According to IDC results, IT services market has grown in the last two years with approximately 20%. The factors that influenced this growth are strictly related to the general market development trend. The need for specialized IT services is constantly increasing as a result of the development of the companies' activities and business processes. In this context, the software providers tend to invest less in implementing basic solutions, and are more focused on offering complete sets of services that are necessary to really improve a company's business performance.
Wizrom develops, promotes and markets over 10 software solutions, including ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), BI (Business Intelligence), CRM (Customer Relationship Management), SCM (Supply Chain Management), WMS (Warehouse Management System), SFA (Sales Force Automation), Time&Attendance Solutions, HR&Payroll Solutions, adapted to various requirements in the market.
This year, Wizrom started developing a new business segment that covers the entire line of products, consultancy and maintenance services for infrastructure. The service has started along with project type contracts for which Wizrom provided complete solutions. "The development of this particular segment has come naturally in time as a result of our determination to offer complete solutions to our customers. Thereby, we want to integrate in our line of software the whole necessary hardware services, including consultancy services, technical assistance or even equipments", Zemy Apfelbaum, Managing Director Wizrom Software, said. The new services are already available and are estimated to bring total incomes of 500.000 dollars by the end of this year. Wizrom estimates that in three years the products and services related to the infrastructure field will total incomes of 2,5 million dollars.
For the development of the new business segment, Wizrom has the support of its strategic partner – One1 Software, one of the leading IT&C companies in Israel. Approximately 50% of One1's activity is related to the infrastructural domain, also including here the consultancy services.