Wizrom has announced the special division for insurance companies

Wizrom has announced the launch of a special division for insurance companies, which aims to increase its activity in this field. In this division, seven of the ten largest insurers in Romania are Wizrom clients.

“We decided to create this specialized division in order to address in a more efficient way the issue of the insurance industry and to provide both software solutions and also business solutions that can help our clients to improve their performance, increase sales, target profitable actions and to avoid losses" declared Mr. Adrian Bodomoiu, General Manager, Wizrom Software.

The new division specialized in solutions for insurance companies also benefits from the specific services offered by consultants with international experience of over 20 years in insurance, that have gone through many changes in business models and can guide also Romanian companies through the process of remodeling their businesses.

Remodeling business processes is a step that aims to adapt the company's new consumer needs, new consumer habits to the new economic conditions. A concrete example for the insurance industry is the transition from product-based sales model to the one based on a combination of products adapted to the client’s profile. This new model requires a higher predictive capacity that you can obtain by using Wizrom solutions.

The business in insurance begins to migrate in order to address the holistic needs of customers, leaving the sphere of selling insurance policies. Do you have agents that sell auto insurance, do you have other agents that sell houses insurance and maybe other agents that sell health insurance? The current trend is to present an integrated offer, one-stop-shop type, and for that it is required a remodeling within the organization and then implementing solutions that will help you to make this transition" declared Mr. Adrian Bodomoiu.

Customers in the insurance industry can now benefit from Wizrom’s innovative solutions that provide a more efficient way to adapt to the dynamic market conditions, a higher speed in implementing new products, an increased operational efficiency with lower costs and a higher predictability.