Wizrom has increased by 20% the implementation force, in two months

Wizrom Group has hired in the first two months of this year a number of 18 business consultants, increasing its software solutions implementation force by 20%. The consultants represent almost two quarters from the 160 employees of the group, formed by Wizrom Software – the company with the largest number of ERP clients in Romania, WizSalary – the leader of HR and salary solutions, as well as the subsidiary companies from Republic Moldavia and Bulgaria.

Wizrom has a very good reputation as an employer, resulting the easiness in expanding our team”, stated Adrian Bodomoiu, General Director Wizrom, the company with the largest number of ERP clients in Romania.

Wizrom offers a motivating package to its employees, especially for the entry level. The business consultants are involved in implemented projects directly with the client and have the possibility to a career, which on medium term can offer professional gratification and winnings according to the results.

The first finding is that the recruiting process was more complex and took longer than in the past years, for several reasons. First, influenced by the job notices from the big multinational companies, the candidates come with unrealistic salary requests in report with their actual level of knowledge and competences. Secondly, Wizrom offers jobs for which the ideal candidate’ portfolio should contain features as initiative, imagination, creativity and innovation capacity”, explained Adrian Bodomoiu.

An important finding of Wizrom recruiting team was that a large segment of the young generation has big expectations but a much reduced level of knowledge and experience, and the desire to have a career is almost zero, the priority being that of ensuring an income source for the free time.

However, we have identified and hired young people in which we rediscovered the spirit of the ‘90s, when we, the people now in charge of the company, were at the beginning and were really enthusiastic. It is a pleasure to offer them all the necessary support for professional development”, relates Adrian Bodomoiu.

Thus, the company invests tens of thousands of Euros annually in preparing young employees who, many times, get in contact with technologies and business concepts, which they did not meet during their university studies.