Wizrom releases the application that helps you keep your customers

When you start losing customers it is a little too late to ask yourself when and what did you do wrong. It is preferable to discover in time the things that don’t work and in this perspective Wizrom Software released WizWhy application, targeting companies in services area, quite affected by the economic crisis.

Companies that are about to change their business partners have a behavior that can be statistically established and based on which profiles can be created. We propose a solution that underlines certain characteristics of the business partner that is about to stop the collaboration, based on a relationship history in the database. This is just one of the applicability faces of the data-mining solution that our customers benefit of. In the same time, business activities and customers with considerable positive results can be analyzed, highlighting those elements that lead to success, in order to expand them to the entire company activity and complete customers portfolio”, Adrian Bodomoiu, Managing Director Wizrom Software, declared.

The functioning method is simple: any company has a database with customers and their activity. WizWhy application accesses the database, generating a set of logical rules, which analyzes both quantitative information and qualitative data. These rules explain – with a high probability percent – the reasons for the analyzed results. Based on the rules, certain profiles can be prepared, profiles that are then used to make predictions. WizWhy is, for example, the most used risk prediction applications by insurance companies in Hungary. Moreover, financial services and marketing and market research areas are among the main beneficiaries of the application released by Wizrom Software.

WizWhy, in addition to „what if analysis” concept in classical Business Intelligence applications, finds independently those variable with major impact on results, avoiding subjectivity. This way, WizWhy is an objective tool for decision-making process, designing predictions about the effects of their implementation”, Adrian Bodomoiu explains.

WizWhy application is used worldwide for almost a decade, and Romanian users will benefit of the experienced cumulated in a mature software product.