Wizrom releases WizRetail solution for Romanian retail companies

Increasing competition defining modern retail, as well as consumers’ growing requests force companies in the area to look for a more efficient sales flows. Grace to a newly agreed partnership with Microinvest (Bulgaria), Wizrom Software supports retail companies with WizRetail solution, especially designed for this dynamic environment.

We are referring an area where the fast reaction to customers’ requirements and a good coordination between sales and stock availabilities are crucial. WizRetail addresses companies with activities characterized by large volumes and rapid sales flows: warehouses, shops, supermarkets, commercial chains, restaurants, coffee-shops, bars, etc. The solution we propose to this market share is based on over 20 years of existence and implementations for more than 42.000 users worldwide”, Mr. Adrian Bodomoiu, Managing Director Wizrom Software, stated.

WizRetail is the optimum solution for restaurants, coffee-shops, bars (automatically transmits orders to the kitchen, manages recipes and administrates promotions, including „Happy hour”), warehouses and shops (with the advantage of real time monitoring of available stocks and sales evolution), commercial chains (ensuring visibility of sales in multiple locations).

Customers’ portfolio confirming the utility and efficiency of this system, as well as Wizrom’s experience in localizing and implementing solutions on the Romanian market make us confident that this partnership will be a successful one. We are convinced that a large number of retailers will soon make an option for this solution”, Mr. Viktor Pavlov, General Manager Microinvest, declared.

This places Wizrom Software as main development partner for Romanian retail companies, providing them with an extremely useful tool for business management and consumer’s needs adaption. WizRetail assures an increasing efficiency and productivity, customers’ loyalty due to rapid answers and high-quality services, as well as a strict control on operations, prices and commercial policies. Optimized integration with a wide array of specific hardware equipments – touch-screens, mobile terminals, POSs, fiscal printers, cash registers, card payment devices – is another advantage when implementing WizRetail.

Due to a fast pace of activities it is designed for and the functionalities it encloses, the solution can be used in just days from the acquisition and benefits of a fast ROI.