Wizrom Software: increased turnover by 27% in 2008

Wizrom Software finalized 2008 with an increase of 27% in its business, as compared with last year, registering a total turnover of USD 9,5 millions. Also, a significant number of companies made an option for Wizrom solutions, the total figure of active customers reaching 3,000.
Sales of services and licenses for the accounting-financial solution WizCount and WizPro ERP remained the company's main income sources. The two application totaled approximately 65% of the annual income. Zemy Apfelbaum, Managing Director of Wizrom, declares: "Sales of the company's main products have reached the estimated values in 2008, despite the general market instability on the last trimester. These results demonstrate once again that the products we offer answer one company's need, both in terms of cost, and mostly in terms of efficiency."
In the last years, Wizrom consolidated its position as the main provider on the market segment dedicated to payroll, workforce management and human resources solutions: at the end of 2008, over 380,000 employees had their payroll situations calculated with the help of WizSalary. For 2009 Wizrom estimates that this number will grow up to 500,000. At the same time, in 2008 the company extended the services related to WizSalary including outsourcing.
"Taking into account the general economic environment, 2009 will most probably be characterized by costs reduction and efficiency growth. This is why Wizrom plans to focus on consolidating and developing the current customers and partners database. Thereby we will try to answer our customers' need for efficiency by offering products and services in order to optimize their business processes, especially for the production, distribution and retail segments", Mr. Apfelbaum continues.