Wizrom Software intends to increase the sales force by 30%

The software solutions provider Wizrom announces that it will increase the sales force by 30% in the first months of this year, in order to be able to answer properly to all opportunities on the market.

"We planned an increase of sales in Business Intelligence and several business verticals, which will bring us 20% more customers in 2012. We have a large request for delivering implementation projects and we need to address the customers that want to sign with us", Adrian Bodomoiu (photo), Managing Director Wizrom Software, declared.

The recruiting process for the sales manager position in software and services areas usually lasts about three months and involves all available information channels: recommendations, recruiting agencies, posts of online advertisements, etc. LinkedIn is one of the references sources for Wizrom recruiters, next to any other communication and presentation channels in social media.

Wizrom attracts its future sales employees with bonuses for reaching and exceeding their objectives with up to 40% higher than in 2008, for example, before the changes in the economical context.

"The base salaries remained at the same level, but bonuses are much higher because the goals are different and the expectations increased. On the other hand, the job profile also changed a lot and involves a much higher individual effort", Adrian Bodomoiu explained. The basic criteria when selecting candidates for a place in Wizrom’s sales team are the experience, knowledge of business principles, capacity to relate and understand customers needs, negotiation skills.