Wizrom Software releases a new WizSalary version

By the end of March, Wizrom Software will launch on the Romanian market a new version of the payroll, human resources and personnel management application, WizSalary. The main benefits that will be brought by this new version are lower maintenance costs and the new reports generator.
The WizSalary solution, one of the lead products offered by Wizrom Software, is an integrated software application dedicated to personnel management, payroll and human resources. The number of companies that are using the WizSalary solution rises up to 1.100, mainly form the services domain (50%), but also from other business segments like production (15%), transportation, commerce etc.; also, 10% of the total number of users activate in the payroll outsourcing business field.
The new WizSalary version that will be available by the end of this month is developed to work on Microsoft SQL Server. "The decision to migrate the new WizSalary version on Microsoft SQL Server data base came in the first phase based on the will to bring the WizSalary application to the standard of the other Wizrom products that are available both on Oracle platform, and Microsoft SQL. Also, in times like today – when the focus is on cost controlling and cost cutting – companies are more advantaged by this version, more efficient in terms of cost of acquisition and maintenance", Zemy Apfelbaum, Managing Director Wizrom Software, said.
The new version makes it possible for Wizrom to provide an integrated package of solutions – WizTime, WizSalary, WizCount – which uses the same database (Microsoft SQL Server) and manages the human force, the cost of labor and other company expenses related to it.
Another new benefit is the reports generator that allows any user to create its now types of reports. "For the companies with a significant number of employees the costs of labor force are relatively high and require a lot of attention. In those cases, the management of costs is strictly related to the possibility of quickly generating reports and to the possibility of linking all personnel data registered. The new WizSalary version makes it possible for any user to generate the necessary reports at any time and without the intervention of a specialist in software development. At a company level, this benefit is reflected in lower maintenance costs for the application", Richardo Turcu, WizSalary Manager, added.
Regarding the target for 2009, Wizrom is expecting 200 new customers for the WizSalary solution, from which over 50% are estimated to be users of the new version. By the end of this year, the number of employees who have their data processed with the help of WizSalary is likely to grow up to 450.000, approximately 20% more compared to the figures recorded last year.