Wizrom specialists integrate IBM Business Analytics in Exec-Edu courses

Nine out of ten Romanian managers and entrepreneurs consider modern tools for planning and budgeting as indispensable, in order to ensure the most predictable business evolution – even in the current economical and political environment – according to the latest study published by EXEC-EDU – leader in management development.

Exec-Edu trainees now have the possibility to learn planning and budgeting through IBM Business Analytics solution, with the help of IBM and Wizrom Software specialists.

„Due to the partnership with IBM and Wizrom, EXEC-EDU enlarges its portfolio of programs and development tools for managers with a practical seminar for planning and budgeting. This seminar was launched in a time when most companies prepare their budgets and plan their activities for the next year”, Prof. Dr. Lavinia Rasca, General Manager EXEC-EDU and professor of Strategy and EntrepreneurshipEMBA – ASEBUSS, declares.

IBM Business Analytics is a modern tools for companies planning and budgeting, extremely useful because it allows different what-if scenarios, such as a sudden drop of the national currency rate, difficulties in the supply process or in collecting debts from the customers.

The solution was introduced in EXEC-EDU programs in order to teach the trainees to work with modern analysis and planning tools, on various scenarios, changing the company’s direction function of the general context.

„We have a very familiar example. In February, the snow storm that blocked half of the country created special situations for a lot of companies that activate here. Our application will allow you to plan and budget including such a scenario and, when such a situation really appears, the company will immediately change its actions, the managers already knowing what needs to be done”, Adrian Bodomoiu, Managing Director Wizrom Software – one of the main Romanian ERP providers, explained.

The adoption of IBM Business Analytics by Exec-Edu, with the support of Wizrom’s specialists, represents an important step in the development of Romanian managers that permanently face the need to re-budget and re-plan due to the actual economical conditions.