WizSalary processes one in five salaries in the private sector

WizSalary surpassed half a million employees processed every month through its application, thus confirming the company's status as the largest payroll software solutions supplier, in terms of managed wages.
"Almost 20%, meaning 515.400 people, to be more precise, of the 2,76 million private sector employees get their pay every month by means of our application, that is now being used by 1.547 companies of all sizes, from SMEs to large corporations from various fields, including the financial one", stated Richardo Turcu, General Manager of WizSalary.
WizSalary Software was founded in 1998 and begun its commercial operations in 1999, becoming ten years later the largest payroll software and outsourcing supplier in Romania. During the first 9 months of 2009, WizSalary increased by more than double the number of processed salaries from the outsourcing part of the business, from 3.000 to 7.000 employees. WizSalary's core product is also integrated in the Wizrom ERP solution and is one of the flag products of the mother-company, Wizrom.
"We will mark the ten years anniversary with a conference, at the end of November 2009, to which we will invite all of our 1.547 clients and also any company looking for efficiency and consultancy in this field", Richardo Turcu added.
At the same time, the conference will host an extensive presentation of the WizSalary new version, featuring a new report generator, which is a very easy to use tool for the management and control of human resources expenses – an aspect that is very important in a time of crisis and at the same time very useful for decision-makers within any company.
The WizSalary business model is simple and perfectly adapted to the constraint period that all Romanian companies are going through.
"We understood from the very beginning that one of the main conditioning any company has is the cash-flow, so we adapted our licensing model to best fit our clients' financial policies. Also, in this unstable and continuously changing legal environment, what really matters are the updates, the maintenance and the support and not the initial license", Richardo Turcu, General Manager of WizSalary, also declared.
The company revenues are obtained from three sources: license sales for the payroll application, the update and technical support operations, and finally from the salaries processed by means of outsourcing. In addition, the outsourcing of payroll operations is regarded by the company officials as the main development direction for the WizSalary services for 2010, alongside with the migration of all current clients to the new version of the application. The company has forecasted revenues of one million euro for 2009, an increase of 19% from 2008.
"WizSalary is a solid company, with motivated shareholders and highly qualified personnel, three elements that ensure the consistency of our approach and furthermore, the long term commitment to our clients", underlined the general manager of the company.