ERP Cloud & Mobile systems, the newest trend in the software solutions industry


The ERP industry will pass to another level and will reach an inflexion point. The market is quickly changing and the Cloud systems are becoming more popular than the On-Premise software.

The fundamental purpose of using an ERP system to plan the resources of a firm is to offer a single instrument in which all the information from different departments are stored up to improve the data from the inside of the entire organization.

The advantages of using the ERP Cloud or Mobile systems:

  1. ERP Cloud systems

The ERP Cloud system has started to be more used-up than the On-Premise software. According to a recent study, in the next two years 30% of the „service” companies will appeal to implement a Cloud system.

The ERP Cloud solutions are a succession of ERP applications that will arrive at the user through Internet and will be able to be accessed through a browser. The software doesn’t need to be installed on the computer.

The benefits of implementing an ERP Cloud solution:

  • Fast installation – it doesn’t need the initial installation of the hardware and software infrastructure nor the application.
  • Smaller initial costs – for these kind of solutions you need to pay a monthly tax  instead of  the initial acquisition tax for the hardware infrastructure and the license to use the application, which will bring a faster ROI (Return on Investment)
  • Easy access to information – The role of the ERP is to summarize all the information so you can easily access them. Also, the firms can access the data from the ERP Cloud system from every place that is connected to Internet. This is a big benefit for people that travel a lot and need access to the information outside the office.
  • Faster support – in case there are some problems in the system, the ERP solution provider can fix them online, in the shortest amount of time. 
  1. ERP mobile systems

It is a well-known fact that the smartphones are more used that laptops or computers. That’s why the ERP systems have advanced in the last years and have started to be implemented even in the mobile devices, offering a competitive advantage to the companies that can access the information directly from the smartphone.

The benefits of implementing an ERP software on the smartphone:

  • Improving the quality of the services – The ERP mobile systems allows the employees to improve the quality of the services, giving them fast access to relevant information.
  • Competitive advantage – The capacity to furnish with information in real time to clients and partners (at meetings, events, on field) help companies to enlarge the competitive advantage.
  • Raised productivity – many employees spend a lot of time in transport facilities or airports. Because ERP mobile system can be easily accessed from every smartphone this thing will help the employees to use the time that they spend in different places in a productive way.

The ERP industry is continuously changing and the Cloud & Mobile systems become more and more popular, including in the small and middle companies. The question now is not about if these trend will or will not keep going, but which will be the companies that will implement these ERP systems to build up the competitive advantage.