WizOne for All

Standardised payroll and HR management programme live in a week

With 20 years of experience in HR management software development, Wizrom addresses the needs of SMEs with a standardized version of WizSalary and WizOne – WizOne for All – designed to cover the current workflows of small and medium-sized businesses with a fast and cost-free setup.

WizOne for All includes four modules (Payroll and Personnel Administration, HR Management, Time Management and Self Service) and can go live in just one week. The software has no installation or implementation costs, and the license fee is paid on a monthly subscription basis, depending on the size of the company.

Why choose WizOne for All

A comprehensive software that addresses the needs of HR departments

A comprehensive software that addresses the needs of HR departments

WizOne for All is a comprehensive business tool that helps small and medium-sized enterprises to plan and manage their human resources efficiently and automatically. Derived from the WizSalary and WizOne solutions, already successfully used by more than 3,000 businesses in Romania, WizOne for All includes all the functionalities needed by SMEs, from generating contracts, additional documents or Revisal with the touch of a button, to alerts, notifications on staff turnover or expiry of medical and labour protection documents to management of employee absence requests, electronic time clocking and payroll.

Live in one week

Drawing on Wizrom’s 20+ years of business software development experience, WizOne for All is a standardised solution that can be deployed extremely quickly. Also available in the cloud, WizOne for All is live within a week and enables companies to be dynamic in a competitive business environment where speed of response and adapting to changes in the job market are crucial.

Free setup

WizOne for All has no installation or implementation costs, and payment for the software solution is done based on a monthly subscription, depending on the size of the company. This means that companies can have access to the software very rapidly, without the need for an initial investment. Moreover, customers benefit from month-to-month cost predictability and have the possibility to customise their solution at any time, adding new functionalities that are necessary for their business.

WizOne for All Modules

The HR management module offers, in addition to basic information, the possibility of generating documents (employment contracts, miscellaneous documents, liquidation notes, statements), alerts and notifications and reports in real-time. It includes electronic personnel file management, including granting employee access to it, and employee-level management of benefits and equipments used.

The electronic timesheet functionality allows for easy monthly attendance track-keeping, by setting up rules that can be applied taking into account the type of employment contract, the organisational structure and the company’s specific way of working (department setup, work points, branches, etc.). The module ensures high data accuracy, calculating the hours worked according to the settings regarding attendance/absence categories, without the need for manual processing.

WizOne for All also includes WizSalary, a solution specially designed for companies that need a simple and efficient tool for calculating salaries. This program has been developed so that it can be used seamlessly by businesses with 10 employees, as well as companies with hundreds or thousands of employees.

By using WizOne for All, through the Self Service module, companies can implement an automated workflow for submitting and approving employee requests, all in one panel. Employees can thus submit requests for holiday, sick or other leave requests or work from home, and managers can avoid overlapping leave and see at a glance the attendance situation in the department. What’s more, employees can easily request changes to personal data.

WizOne for All can be customised at any time to add new modules or functionality to suit the specifics of any company’s business.