The implementation of the agreed solution plays an important role in any project; we see it as the coming-to-life stage. But above all, we do consider that the agility of this implementation process is the utmost important.

The services we offer in this category are the following:

  • Project initiation and assistance for system analysis, in order to provide initial planning and preparation of the entire process, to identify specific requirements, the hardware/ software necessary, to determine the key-users to be involved in the process
  • Our experience taught us that one very important step in the implementation of any system is given by the transfer of the database from your old system to the new one, this is why our consultants offer professional services in this area, to make the transition as easy and comfortable as possible
  • Licenses installation
  • Documentation editing (general manuals, specific work procedures, etc.)
  • Training courses for users, grouped by modules and expertise level;
  • Setting the basic system by implementing the general requirements/ functionalities and the document flow, to begin using the system;
  • Assistance for closing the first month of effective work in the system;
  • Developmenttesting and implementation of any additional functionalities, so that the system can fully cover the specific customer requirements.

The implementation process concentrates on building a common team between Wizrom and the customer, to coordinate the project. In Wizrom’s vision, this represents a warranty for a long term relationship and the basis of a successful partnership.

Wizrom Software Services