Payroll and personnel management services

The outsourcing department for human capital management comes as a completion of our portfolio services and gives you the opportunity to enjoy the merits of being associated with a stable, top company, on a long run.

The advantages of using payroll and personnel management services are obvious: reducing administration costs; redistributing the resources towards strategic aspects that increase the value of your organization; delegating the responsibility to specialists in the area, who correctly fulfill these functions, according to legislation and taking into account the best practices.

Main reasons to choose these services:

  • the outsourcing solution we use has the capacity to cover a vast array of requests and specific problems;
  • it rapidly adapts to legislative changes;
  • you have the possibility to install the software on your computers also – as you may want to look for simple information and you have the right to dispose of all data in the system;
  • flexibility to develop special situations, complex reports and to implement changes.

We provide you with the best solution to all these issues: an in-house developed application, a team of software developers and human resources specialists, installation of the payroll and staff administration system on your computer for full control and transparency, permanent and in-time update of the software according to Romanian laws.

Wizrom Software Services